Read how Dianetics is making positive changes in people’s lives
The Dianetics Seminar helped me to trust myself. I know I can make good decisions for myself and for my children. I am finally confident and certain. My husband and I were separated and that was really messing me up. With Dianetics I was able to unveil the truth. This was very good as it validated what I knew. As a result I can move forward in life and not remain stuck in the past. I am able to realize my goals and have certainty that these will make me successful. I can fulfill my purpose to not only better my life but the lives of others.
Now I can see where I am going in life. After the Dianetics Seminar it is easier to act on my dreams and do what I want to do in life. I can see more clearly and think clearer. I know that Dianetics definitely has the answers I was looking for. It’s the only thing that addresses and gets rid of engrams and the reactive mind. —Jay M
After a Dianetics session I no longer carried around the idea that God would punish me. I felt more free as I no longer have to worry about the past. I had many confusions, anxieties and stress in life. This was hurting my personality. As well feelings of guilt were inhibiting my life. I was looking for answers. I had demons in my mind. I was living my life thinking that once I was dead, then that was it. Now I know my success or failure depends on me. I am now going to go Clear. —Jose G
Every time I went in session I became more bright and I was happier. After doing the Dianetics Seminar I noticed things were shifting in me and the change was for the better. Also, for years I had this physical problem for which I had no explanation. After just one session, I got rid of the pain completely! It just doesn’t happen anymore. I will never forget that moment. As well, I was able to recall things from my past that I had completely forgotten existed. Now I can’t wait to go Clear. —Natalie Y
What is Dianetics?
The painful experiences of our past clearly have an effect upon our present behavior. But to what degree, and why?

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